Track Day Support

The team at AMS are all petrolheads, when we are not on event supporting clients, we like nothing more than hitting the track ourselves.

Unfortunately due to our many customer competition dates, it is rarely possible for us to compete ourselves, so we try to do the next best thing as much as possible.. Track days.

Whether your pride and joy is a valuable supercar, historic legend or your everyday road car nothing beats the thrill of getting behind the wheel on one of the many circuits available in the UK, as well as legendary circuits on the continent such as Spa - Francorchamps, Le Mans Bugatti and Nurburgring Nordschliefe.

Getting on track in your own car is far easier and much cheaper than people realise, at a basic level all you need is a car, driving license and a crash helmet.

However in order to be safe on track it is wise to make modifications to your vehicle, including higher rated performance brake fluids and friction materials, as well as seatbelts, and performance tyres.

Once you have the inevitable bug of being on track the options are nearly endless, from simple engine induction improvements, to major engine, suspension and brake upgrades, as well as suspension geometry setups to suit your vehicle and your driving style.

AMS has vast experience with track day cars and can advise and implement improvements to satisfy individual clients budget, requirements and expectations.

Please do come along to one of our track days, we will always be happy to discuss your experiences and requirements from one petrolhead to another.